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Lesresurs LLC

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Rusforest Magistralny LLC

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Private group of companies operating in Eastern Siberia. We specialise in manufacturing top-quality wood products using zero-waste processing cycles. Our group is one of the largest Russian exporters of sawn materials to Japan market.


Forest lease areas are in Kazachinsko-Lensky and Kirenskiy Districts of Irkutsk Oblast. Annual allowable cut is 609,000 m3. The sawmill is situated in Novaya Igirma in Nizhneilimsky District of Irkutsk Oblast. Annual capacity of the plant is up to 170,000 m3 of sawn-wood. Pellet production — 60,000 tons annually.


Forest lease areas are in Kazachinsko-Lensky District of Irkutsk Oblast. Annual allowable cut is 725,000 m3. The sawmill is situated in Magistralny , Kazachinsko-Lensky District of Irkutsk Oblast. Annual capacity of the plant is up to 250,000 m3 of sawn-wood. Pellet production — 30,000 tons annually.


Forest lease areas are in Evenkiysky District of Krasnoyarsk Krai. Annual allowable cut is 338,000 m3. The sawmill is situated in Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk Oblast.



Respect for the nature is the key to the company’s successful long-term activity. Zero-waste production cycles are the central element of our environmental policy. All productive processes — starting with logging and end-up with pellet production — are certified under international standards.


We pay special attention to maintenance of our forest ecosystems. All our logging units are obliged to avoid Valuable and Intact Forest Landscapes in their work. We operate in close contact with local communities and international ecological organizations — WWF and Greenpeace. Annual reforestation is done using special machines — disc trenchers, seeders, etc.


The group takes continuous care of its employees, supplying decent working conditions, giving opportunities for the initiatives and professional growth. Our units actively carry out social policies across their subsequent territories. Within accepted commitments of socio-economic co-operation, we support the development of different municipal and regional programs.


+7 39-52 91-97-03


+7 495 980-24-13